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Features of Traffic Rider APK: Unlimited Money & More

The most exciting and entertaining motorcycle racing game Traffic Rider. But the game will become more exciting when you have the APK version of traffic rider. There are more than one features we are providing you in our Traffic Rider APK Mod files. The main features of traffic rider APK version 1.95 are listed below.

amazing new features of traffic rider

Bikes Of Traffic Rider

The bikes, one the coolest thing this game has, you can have all real world super and sports in the game. Traffic rider bikes are very amazing. You can select any bike in the APK version and play the game. You can find more details about the Bikes Of Traffic Riders . All the bikes are customizable. You can choose any bike from the garage and you can modify it.

ALL Levels Unlocked

The Original application will force you to level up to unlock new levels. But we are here having a solution to this in our APK file we already provide you with all levels unlocked. The levels in the career are all unlocked; you can even play the first level and the last level of the whole game as well. The endless level which is a kind of meditation and it is also free to use. The time trial level has no time limit now you can play the level with no limit. The free ride both levels are unlocked; you can play both one way and two way.

Traffic Rider Career Level

One of the toughest levels of traffic rider. This level requires you to be extra speedy; you will have different challenges like overtaking, time rush, and many more. This level contains three maps, one was included in the last update, each map has different levels with different categories and challenges.

traffic rider all game modes

Traffic Rider Endless Level

The name endless means an endless level which never ends, you can play this for hours and days. This level has three modes, the first one is free ride in which there are no vehicles, second one is one way rider in which you have all the vehicles on the one way highway and the last one is two way in which you have a two way highway where vehicles are coming from both sides.

endless level traffic rider

Traffic Rider Time Trial Level

This level is not very popular, but you can learn a lot with this level. This level will help you to enhance your time management skills in the game. You can practice here in this level with different bikes to check weather this bike is suitable for the next career level you can modify your ride according to the requirement.

Traffic Rider Free Rider Level

This level has two highways one way and two way. This Level also has no limits of time you can play this level endlessly. In this level you can practice your handling skill set. You can improve your hands on your favorite bike by playing this level. Also tis level also gives you some amount of money if you are out of cash you can play this level to earn as this level didn’t have any bike requirement.

G Coins (KEYS)

These are the most demanding things in this game. What is better than having limitless life in the game. You can complete any level without even dying. G coins are so valuable you have to struggle to earn these and we know no one wants to do hard work so we are doing smart work for you and providing you an extreme premium APK file to you of this game which provides you limitless keys. So are you ready to play this amazing motorcycle racing game without even worrying about life and health.


Yes, the APK file has all the features.

Yes, all the features are free.

Yes, You can use any bike in the game.


The Traffic rider game has a variety of bikes and levels that’s why its The Best Game As Compare To The Other Games. All the levels have new challenges, each level will force you to level up your skill to handle the bike. To overtake and control the heavy horsepower which is also so much fun. All the features in the game are very fun. You can download the game to access these features. I am telling you after installing these APKs your game experience will be on another level.

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