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Kawasaki Ninja Bikes in Traffic Rider: Speed and Precision

When we talk about some amazing bike games we have a lot of options to play, But still there is a game which dominates each and every time. Traffic Rider is a game which won people’s hearts all over and still has huge potential to give its user a good gameplay. But are you curious why this game gets so much popular in such little time. Well there are a lot of reasons but Traffic Rider bikes are the most common reason why this game gets famous. Similarly they have some very amazing and high performance Kawasaki Ninja Bikes. Traffic Rider motorcycles are the best thing this game has. You can enjoy riding different motorcycles. Here are the best and the most favorite Top 5 Motorcycles of Traffic Rider.

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Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja nj 350 bike top speed

This bike in the ninja series added to the games at its release the bike released in 2012 with the amazing looks and power. With a four stroke engine this bike provides you the amazing 298cc horsepower. The bike has an ABS braking system installed to allow you have the amazing grip at the top speed. The bike also generates 11000 rpm which is so powerful. Bike comes with a Digital analog negator which also adds value to its looks. This Bike is so expensive in the game, but you can watch our Traffic Rider Money Making Tips and Tricks Blog to solve this problem.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R

Kawasaki Ninja Bike fx 10s bike top speed

If you are looking for 2in1 means you want sports and super both you can choose this bike, the amazing and powerful bike of ninja series ZX R10. This bike comes with an aluminum body which reduces its weight. Comes with 1000 CC 4-stroke engine which is capable of providing you 11500 rpm. The LED front light gives you a clear version, the braking system is amazing as they provide you the electronic brakes and also the handling of this bike is also very smooth as it gives you an electronic handle with digital display screen.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Kawasaki Ninja Bike gx 1400 bike top speed

Tokyo motor introduced the super motorcycle ZX-14, one of the most amazing bikes you can ever imagine. Released by the mid of 2005 replacing ZZ-r1200, one of the best decisions of the ninja series. The bike with top speed of 186 mph can provide you extreme power to win any race on time you can easily beat the time before it even comes over you. This heavy bike comes with a 1440 cc engine with enough power to destroy any traffic. With dynamic handling and electronic brakes you can have full grip even on top speed.

Kawasaki Ninja GTR 1400

Kawasaki Ninja Bike zzf 1400 bike top speed

If we say this bike of the ninja series is also the best, that’s not wrong. With a top speed of 186 mph and 13350 cc engine provides you the heavy 8800 rpm and 6200 of torque you can even fly with this bike. It comes with ABS brakes and digital display. You can enjoy riding in the game. The handling of this bike is so amazing and smooth that it provides you the confidence to overtake any car in the way. 

Kawasaki ZX-7R

Kawasaki zx 10 bike top speed

Sports bikes have no list and 750 ZX also has a huge fan base around it when it comes to Z series. This bike comes with a 760 cc engine which is capable of 11500 rpm which is huge with an engine like this, comes with a liquid cooler and has ABS braking system. Provide you 9000 rpm torque and have the piston oppose the caliper in the brakes as well. With an aluminum body this bike has less weight which also elevates your bike pick. You can cross over in any traffic with this bike in the game so if you are looking for a sports bike with good looks and performance you can choose this bike.

How To Upgrade Any Bike In Traffic Rider

This is the most simple thing most of the gamers reading this already know what we are talking about, but for those who don’t here is a guide to upgrade your traffic racer bikes. You just first have to unlock the bike before modifying it, then you have to look for the same bike you want to modify in the garage option from there you can check the current specs of the bike along with them you have the upgrade option with the price from there you can upgrade any specification of the bike.


Yes, these bikes are available in the game.

Yes, all the bikes have the latest models.

Yes, they are upgradeable.


Kawasaki Ninja bikes series are the best ever super and sports bikes. The extra realistic Graphics Of Traffic Rider Will add more to the game. And having them in such a realistic racing game you can enjoy it a lot. Artil tp4 bikes and many more are good options, but they cannot beat the style and performance of Kawasaki Ninja Bikes series. The game provides you real engine sound, real handling, real digital displays, and real braking systems and handling as well. So if you are looking for a good motorcycle racing game with a variety of bikes and levels, Traffic rider is the best one. 

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