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Top 5 Bikes in Traffic Rider: Unleash Speed & Dominate the Roads

Traffic Rider is a  game which has gained unexpected popularity in recent times. This is a first person camera view bike  game which provides you a dynamic view of the streets. Traffic Rider is an ultimate motorcycle racing game. It has so many addictive features and the gameplay is masterpiece. You can download the Traffic Rider APK Version from our website. Traffic Rider Bikes are one of the main feature of this game popularity.

best bikes of traffic rider

Traffic Rider Bikes

Developers have done such an amazing job regarding the installation of bikes. User will get real life experience in the game which is remarkable. There are 30+ total in the game. I can’t name them all, but here are some most famous and liked bikes in the game. BMW K1200S, Ducati 1098R, Honda CBR1000, Kawasaki Ninja ZXR, and many more.

All bikes are with real engine sounds and also this game provides realistic dynamic controls.

The handling is very smooth and real time, there is no lag in the entire game at least in the controls. Traffic racer bikes have overall good experience in terms of controls. This game is also known as the moto rider game.

Top 5 Bikes Of Traffic Rider


LAZ 400

Lazz 400 real life bike pictures

LAZ 400 is the most advanced and the most recent bike which is added to the latest version of the Traffic Rider. This bike is extremely compatible and is the most powerful bike in the entire garage of the game. The top speed of this bike is 400+Kmh  and you can easily measure its 0 to 100 which is about 1.50 seconds. The bike has an electric handle which provides you extra hand grip on it. This bike also has new generation tires which also provides you good road grip. LAZZ 400 DETAILED ANALYSIS.


traffic rider bike aura in real life

AURA is one of the most ecstatic looking bikes, it is one of the sports bike variants from the garage. Top speed of this bike is 380+ Kmh which is the second best top speed in the game. This bike will take you from 0 to 100 in just 2.20 seconds. The braking system of this bike is extremely handy. You can easily manage the speed of the bike at any point. The handling of this bike is very comfortable. You can easily handle the bike while you are cruising on the highway at top speed. So if you are looking for a sporty look on the street you can choose this bike for a remarkable experience on the streets.


traffic rider bike toma

Toma, the bike everyone wants the best quality and provides you high performance with extremely catching looks. This bike can easily go through any traffic as it has a sleek design and provides you good width while overtaking any vehicle in the route. The bike has a top speed of 320 Kmh with excellent braking system and dynamic handling provides you full control on the bike while it is in heavy traffic. This traffic rider bike is one of the best options for the riders in the game. Overall it is a compatible bike which also provides good performance on bumpy roads. If you are looking for a sleek and modern design stylish bike Toma is a good option.

BMW K1200S

bmw 200s top speed

BMW K1200S is a reliable bike for super race scenarios. Overall build quality of this bike is excellent. It is a reliable bike with a good braking system which can provide you well accurate control on the speed. This bike provides you with an electric display screen on the head and also comes with transparent wiser; you can customize these features in the garage. The most of the traffic rider gameplays are with BMW K1200S as it provides reliable handling and road grip. The top speed of this bike is 170Mph.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

kawasaki Ninja h2r price

One of the most famous and demanded bikes in the world. This bike has the highest horsepower and has a top speed of 400 Kmh which takes you from 0 to 100 in just 2.50 seconds. This bike has a 4 cylinder turbocharged 1000cc engine which gives you extreme power to bash your opponent if you are playing traffic rider multiplayer. The braking system of the bike is extremely good; it provides you front and back disk brakes with electronic suspension. The ninja style of the bike is fabulous which provides you a graceful look and ride. You should see the Complete Customization Guide to have better understanding about how to upgrade your bikes.


Yes, all the bikes mentioned are present in the real world.

Yes, You can customise all the bikes.

Yes, All the bikes in the game have real world sounds.


Traffic Rider All Bikes are powerful, stylish, reliable, and compatible, But these top 5 bikes are the most. All the above mentioned bikes are tested and reviewed by expert gamers . Traffic rider game developers have done everything nice for entertaining the KAWASAKI NINJA super and sports bikes lovers. If you are a crazy fan of motorcycle games and want to play a good motorcycle racing game you can download traffic rider.

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