Traffic Rider FAQ’s Guide To Improve Your Experiences

FAQS guide of traffic rider to improve performance

Traffic Rider is one of the best motorcycle racing games ever launched. Traffic Rider FAQ’s are very important when it comes to understanding the game, about how it works, how to contact support, how to score good, which achievements are important and many more. So here are some frequently asked questions regarding Traffic Riders. Traffic Rider FAQ’s are totally based on research and facts. Our team gathers information professionally and we are glad to share it with you. However if you still have any issue you can contact us any time.

Traffic Rider Gameplay and Controls Guide

gameplay and controls guide of traffic rider

To control the motorcycle there are three options you can choose from any of the from settings the best one is the title option it provides you the realistic feeling while you ride the bikes.

There are three option first the title option you will be playing the game while rotating your phone left and right, second there are button option you will have left and right button on the screen which help you while turning left and right, third you also have gamepad option you can now connect your controllers to the game to play it.

Of Course you can by clicking on settings in the game you can select the control option and customize it according to your preference you can change the gears to auto and manual as well.

Yes, you can perform stunts while riding, you can perform wheeling while cruising on the bike.

You need to practice more, remember practice makes the man perfect, start playing endless mode and practice overtaking, play time trial mode to manage time, and for fun and to set your hand on the roads, play free rides and do this every day if you want to get better.


Traffic Rider Bikes and Customization Guide

bikes and customization guide for traffic rider

It is simple start the game to earn money by completing the levels then go to the garage and select the desired bike if you have enough money then click the green button with written price and BUY option.

There is huge difference among the bikes when it comes to speed and handling you can also see as you level the difficulty level of missions also increase so you also have to level up your bike to stay in the game in simple you have to purchase new bikes as soon as you get into the game to have better handling and speed to compete with the difficulty or the missions.

Yes, you can modify the bike by clicking on the garage option you will have all the options of customizations Power, Handling, Brakes, Pants, Riding gears, Gloves, Stickers and visors.

In our opinion upgrading a bike will benefit you for the short term after that you have to purchase a new bike, so instead of wasting money on upgrading you must save it and buy a new bike which will work longer and cover your more missions as compared to a upgraded bike.

Simply go to the garage in the game and select the bike you purchased and want to swap.

Traffic Rider Customization Guidelines

Progression and Rewards Guide

traffic rider progression FAQs guide

There are so many special achievements in the game in the game center option  and you will be awarded with an overall grade also  for your riding skills you can check it by clicking on the profile option.

To earn more points and rewards you need to play as many missions as possible to unlock new rewards and challenges.

Yes, as soon as you go far into the game there will be new maps with new missions and challenges, there are a total of three maps in the game all of them have different themes and challenges.

The new achievement will unlock and you will be  rewarded in the game, but by travelling more and more it will improve your overall grade of the game as well.

Yes, after completing any level there is a special key awarded to the player as an achievement of completing the level that key will help you to get an extra life if your time expires.

Challenges and Events Guide

Events FAQs guide of traffic rider

Yes, there is a challenge itself which is to finish a race on time which has a time limit according to the distance you have to travel. Also there are some events like a starter kit which will be offere to you when you play the game for the first time and as you play more there will be new offers for you.

To participate you need to connect your game with the game center or Facebook to secure your account and to participate in different events there are exclusive awards if you win or finish in top 3.

Yes, you just need a competitive bike to participate in the events to compete with your competitors.

Yes, you can play multiplayer in the game and you can also play with other players, but you have to connect your account with Facebook or google play services or game center.

Yes, there will be new themes introduce as soon as any holiday event arrives just like Christmas and Halloween.

Technical Support and Troubleshooting Guide

Just connect it with Facebook, game center or google play services to create a backup and to play it on another device just login your connected account in that device and game.

Check your device compatibility and compare it with the game system requirement  and check whether it met the requirement of the game to run it smoothly.

Report the bug and glitches in the report section in the game.

Download the latest version of the game or update the game frequently and secondly check the system requirement.

Go to google play store and read the rating section. It will help you to solve many of your problems as it is possible some other people face the same problem as you and someone has the solution there. And you can also contact traffic rider support directly if you have any issue.


Here are some of the top Traffic Rider FAQ’s by the users of the traffic rider and here are the answers which will help you to improve your experience and performance in the game. Traffic Rider FAQ’s are basically design as If you face any problem after this you can contact the original support oh traffic rider or else you can contact us for help. Our team will update this Traffic Rider FAQ’s page as soon as the new question pops up.