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Mastering Traffic Rider Handling: Techniques for Confident Riding

bike handling techniques

Handling your bike and car is a skill and it is the same in the game and in the real world. Traffic rider handling is a first and the most important factor related to your achievements in the game, because the more you perform good the more you get in return. Traffic requires a relaxed mind. You need to be patient before getting into it. Here are some amazing tips and tricks to have a good control on your Motorcycle.

Get Familiar With Controls

In Traffic Rider Handling there are three options which you can set according to your comfort. The tilting option allows you to navigate the game controls by moving your phone to turn lest you have to tilt left or right you have to tilt right. Second option is using on-screen buttons which is a good option. By selecting this option you will have left and right buttons on your screen you just have to tap the button to turn your bike. It is good to practice with different settings and put on the controls which are comfortable for you. You can also have a look on Traffic Rider FAQ’s to have a better understanding.


Acceleration And Braking

The most important two factors are acceleration and braking. Having control on these two will lead you to victory. You have to identify which level requires more acceleration and which does not. By this you will have an idea about how to accelerate your vehicle. The brakes are the second part. By practicing on the braking systems you can manage your bike at top speeds. To do this you can put yourself in difficult situations and try the brakes by testing them there.

traffic rider best game controls


Overtaking is the best part of this game. You can earn extra time and even extra XP by overtaking vehicles. To do this perfectly you need to identify the gaps between the vehicles. Sometimes what you think is not what’s gonna happen. You need to be sharp to click the certain gap there. It’s a do and die situation. Even an inch of touch will take you down to crash. By practicing this in endless mode you can become an expert of it. If you really want to enjoy the overtaking you must set the control setting on tilting.

Traffic rider wheelie

Wheelie bikes are amazing and a traffic rider provides you all the features which you require to do a perfect wheeli. The wheelie option unlock after doing some of the missions. The wheelie shop in the game will allow you to customize your wheels in the game. You can even do scooter wheelies in the game. Overtaking while you are doing bike willy, you can earn 2x and 3x Ex points and also you will earn some extra seconds to add on is your time. Wheeling is another good option earning more points to increase your level fast.

Traffic Rider Sensitivity Settings

These settings depend on the device you are using. You can adjust the sensitivity by using different combos on your device. Usually these settings are related to your device touch. If you have a good touch screen or even an average screen touch you can adjust it according to it.

Advanced Techniques

In Traffic Rider, mastering the basics is just the beginning. Advanced techniques can take your gameplay to the next level. For instance, drifts and power slides are effective ways to navigate tight corners while maintaining speed. To perform a drift, initiate a turn and then quickly steer in the opposite direction while maintaining throttle control. This will cause your bike to slide sideways, allowing for a quick turn without losing much speed. Similarly, power slides involve leaning your bike into a turn while simultaneously applying the brakes. This technique allows for tighter turns and greater control.

Mission Strategies

Each mission in Traffic Rider presents unique challenges, and understanding how to approach them is key to success. For time trials, prioritize speed and focus on maintaining a steady pace without crashing. For overtaking challenges, identify the most opportune moments to pass other vehicles, taking into account traffic patterns and road conditions. Combo missions require a delicate balance of speed and precision, as maintaining a chain of overtakes while avoiding crashes is essential. By adapting your riding style to the demands of each mission, you can maximize your chances of success.

Community and Leaderboards

Traffic Rider’s community and leaderboards provide opportunities for friendly competition and recognition. By participating in community events and challenges, you can earn rewards and climb the leaderboards. Additionally, engaging with the community allows you to share tips, strategies, and feedback. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among players. Leaderboards showcase the top performers, motivating players to improve their skills and strive for higher rankings. The community aspect of Traffic Rider adds depth and longevity to the gameplay experience.

Feedback and Input

Feedback and input from players are essential for the continuous improvement of Traffic Rider. Developers regularly update the game based on player feedback, addressing bugs, adding new features, and optimizing gameplay. By providing constructive feedback and input, players can help shape the future of the game. This collaborative approach ensures that Traffic Rider remains engaging and enjoyable for all players.

Additional Mods and Features

Traffic Rider offers a variety of additional modes and features to enhance the gameplay experience. For example, the game’s wheelie shop allows you to customize your bike with different wheelie options. This not only adds a fun element to the game but also provides opportunities to earn extra points and time. Additionally, the game’s multiplayer mode allows you to race against friends and other players in real-time, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge. With regular updates and new features, Traffic Rider continues to evolve and provide players with fresh and engaging content.

By incorporating these advanced techniques, mission strategies, community engagement, feedback and input, and additional mods and features into your gameplay, you can further enhance your experience with Traffic Rider. These elements add depth, challenge, and longevity to the game, ensuring that players continue to enjoy and engage with Traffic Rider for years to come.


Depends on if your PC supports it.

No, It does not matter on PC, because you don’t have to touch the screen. 

Yes, it is there and you can earn more points through it.


By mastering the controls you can achieve different achievements as you can now handle the bike more accurately, remember you have to set the controls according to your preferences do not copy it from somewhere as your device might not support the certain settings. So are you ready to conquer the streets with the amazing riding skills and to beat your friend in traffic rider multiplayer. Time to showcase your amazing skills on your favorite traffic rider bikes. Remember, the bike you choose matters a lot to have a clear sense of bikes you must know which bikes are Worst Bikes Of Traffic Rider.

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