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Traffic Rider VS Other Motorcycles Racing Games: Comparison

The comparison of traffic rider with other games

There is no comparison of this game, the high quality graphics and realistic rider with high quality dynamics and massive series of bikes and at last various types of missions you can never compare TRAFFIC RIDER to another game in the market of arcade motorcycle racing games. Our team found out some very authentic points that make this game one of the best of all times.

The First Person Vision

This feature can be found in many games but a very few in racing games, usually the developers of racing games use Third-Person and Top-Down views which is very common. Traffic Rider comes with all of them but you have this First-Person option as well. The helmet view with the realistic wind crashes with your visor and the raindrops strikes makes the VFX sound very amazing and realistic. This also gives you a real life visor look just like the repulsion  of sun rays into the visor screens and many more.

Focused Gameplay

Just like other Games, Traffic Rider experiences a focused and strategized gameplay. You need to be very focus as the games run on real life traffic systems and its traffic is also very competitive just like the real world. There are very little gaps to overtake and sometimes you are force to apply brakes to create the gap to overtake. Overtaking is not easy in this game you need to be sharp and fully focus as you have to create a perfect timing and you need to turn the handle carefully by calculating the gap and speed, If you miss any of these you will crash and you time will waste and you can never complete your missions on time.

Endless Challenges

The thing which takes this game out of comparison is the carrier levels of this game with so many different types of challenging missions you can never get bore. The time trial missions in which you have to complete the given level on time it’s a difficult one but not if you have a nice bike and skills. Also there are overtaking missions which are very difficult to complete. The requirements are easy. You need a bike which can hit 100+ kmh of speed and is easy to go. Another thing is you need a sharp mind and eyes to identify and calculate the gaps between the vehicles to overtake them. Third type is to finish some kilometres in a certain time. It means you need a good bike to complete this mission on time and if you crash at any moment you will fail to complete it.

traffic rider types of season

Different Types Of Environments

If you don’t feel pleasure while playing the game you will not play the game for long. The environment of the game matters and traffic riders give you such an amazing atmosphere to play you can feel good while playing. There you will see all kinds of seasonal weather which includes Summer, Winter, Fall and Rains as well and also you will have the realistic thunderstorm with night sky of stars and the real sound effects for both rain and thunder as well.

Traffic Rider Real World Bikes

The most and very important feature of motorcycle racing games is the BIKES and you will be surprise by 30+ bikes with realistic engine sound and braking system and features. All bikes are design and perform as per the real world. You can see the specifications of your bike in the garage. Many other motorcycle games use Ai design base bikes to entertain their users, but traffic rider provides you the realism. The aesthetics of all the bikes are amazing and their specifications are more amazing.

Traffic Rider Dynamic Traffic Experience

AI base traffic which is very difficult but easy as well, but you have to be focus. The traffic is design to stop you from reaching your objective. Traffic does not contain any bikes and only has two types of vehicle: the big trucks and small cars in which you will see sedans and SUVs as well. Other than this you will see the turning indication system as well whenever the car or truck changes its lane you will see the left or right indicator which is a cool feature and will help you while changing your lane and also while overtaking.


We have explained all the Features in our article which makes Traffic Rider a top motorcycle racing game of all times.

Yes, You can in the garage option you will find all the customization options.

No, anyone can play this game. You will face difficulty in the first two or three tries. After that you will be an expert.


In essence, Traffic Rider is a unique and captivating game that offers an immersive and realistic racing experience. Its focus on first-person immersion, varied challenges, and authentic bike designs sets it apart from other racing titles. While other games may prioritize tracks and competition, Traffic Rider’s emphasis on individual mastery and traffic dynamics makes it a standout choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The game’s in-game economy, user experience, real-life inspiration, tips and tricks, and community engagement all contribute to its allure. The ability to customize bikes, navigate through realistic traffic scenarios, and experience various weather conditions adds depth and excitement to the gameplay. The game’s focus on realism and attention to detail, from the bike models to the sound effects, creates an immersive experience that keeps players engaged.

In conclusion, Traffic Rider is more than just a racing game; it’s an experience that transports players into the world of motorcycle racing, offering challenges, thrills, and the satisfaction of mastery. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a casual gamer, Traffic Rider has something to offer for everyone.

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