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What’s New in Traffic Rider latest v1.98: Exciting Features

The one the most exciting thing about games is they will be updated with new features and levels. Similarly Traffic Rider Version 1.95 also introduced some amazing new features and levels. The v1.95 comes with a new bike, a new map which also includes new missions, and also new customized stickers. And the permanent bug fix is also there which is important.

new features of traffic rider

Traffic Rider Latest Bike in v1.95

Traffic rider developers have a continuous streak in terms of introducing a new bike to the game. If you have noticed, after every two updates the developers introduce a new bike. In the latest version of traffic rider they show up with the LAZZ  400 which is an amazing and powerful bike. It’s a unique two wheel bike with dynamic handling and looks.

Traffic Rider Latest Maps With 15 Advanced Missions

If the missions of the certain game are finished the game has no purpose now, To keep the game fresh the developers introduce a new map with winter theme and include new 15 advance missions which are quite challenging. The missions are winter themed and are designed in night, day and afternoon real time. They look so real even though they add new challenges to the missions as well. Now you need to be extra smart to handle the bike while you are in the game.

traffic rider new missions in latest update

New Stickers in Traffic Rider latest Version

If you have played traffic rider you have noticed there is a fire sign in the garage when you are modifying your vehicle. Those are stickers to add on to your bike to make it look extra classy. You have four options: the front, back, left, and right. You can add four stickers at a time. Also you can edit the size of the sticker if you want it to look big you can edit the ratios as well. There are so many types of stickers in the game we can’t even name them. You have to have a look at your own, such an amazing sticker collection that looks so fancy on your bike. There are ten new stickers which are added to the game.

traffic rider sticker pack

Bug Fix And Improvement

Apparently most of the time people ignore the value of these updates. These are the main updates by which you guys are having smooth experience while playing the game. Bugs are the most annoying thing a user would ever face. The game will crash unconditionally. Your game starts lagging even if you have a good internet connection and device. To improve these things the providers of the game introduce changes to provide its user a better experience. Initial BUG FIX in the latest 1.98 version.


Yes, They provide regular updates with new challenges and bikes.

Yes, you can check these updates on the App Store and Google Play Store as well.

Yes, it is the latest version of traffic rider.


The updates are the backbone for each and every app popularity. The amazing LAZ 400 and other bikes. Public demands new things and each app developer has to provide them with something new and unique. Traffic rider’s latest version of 2023 comes with three major updates. There would be more future upgrades by the company to improve the performance of the game. To enjoy the latest v1.95 download the game now and enjoy the new and amazing features.

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